Zonly Looman

Studio Z Art Gallery and Tattoo

Zonly Looman is a well known Oklahoma based Native American Artist. He is a 2013 graduate of Deer Creek High School and attended Southwestern Christian University on a collegiate baseball scholarship.

Zonly is a multiple disciplinary artist whose works include Fine Art, Metal Works & Sculptures, Murals, Live Performance Painting & Oration, Tattoos and Music.  He is a Native Californian and descendant of the Chumash and Kumeyaay Nations.

Studio Z Art Gallery and Tattoo was established in 2015 & is located in downtown Edmond.  Over the course of the past 5 years partnerships with over 100 different Non-profit Organizations, Schools and Entities have been formed where Zonly’s talents have raised roughly half a million dollars benefiting Oklahomans.  These partnerships and the many to come allow an unique opportunity to share a special message of wisdom, positivity and community through Art.

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